Clash between czech babel and chemacros in displaying reaction arrows, resulting in

chemformula error: "unknown-arrow"
The arrow type <-> doesn't exist on line 19.

If czech babel is switched of or spanish is used, it works.

How to make it work together? Repair it in similar way as done here?

Minimal working example:

% \usepackage[spanish,es-noquoting]{babel} %all working with spanish babel

\begin{document} <<Test>>

\ch{1 glucosa_{(s)} <=>> glucosa_{(aq)}} %working

\ch{2 glucosa_{(s)} <-> glucosa_{(aq)}} %not working

\ch{3 glucosa_{(s)} -> glucosa_{(aq)}} %not working

\begin{reaction} 4 glucosa_{(s)} <=> glucosa_{(aq)} %working \end{reaction}

\begin{reaction} 5 glucosa_{(s)} <-> glucosa_{(aq)} %not working


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  • it's a similar problem: the character - is made active by czech babel, which you have to deactivate it when using these chemmacros commands. A catch-all solution is just to use \shorthandoff{-} before you use these \ch etc., and you can reactivate the shorthand with \shorthandon{-} after you're done.
    – Troy
    Oct 1, 2018 at 21:25

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Try turning off shorthands:


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