I would to include my listings as floats, pretty much as Figures, but I don't want to call them Figures. I want to call them listings. How can I do that?

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There are two packages that let you format your listings and are able to let them float.

Here are two simple examples.


    caption={Dummy Listing},

      Hello World!



        Hello World!
    \caption{Dummy listing}

The respective manuals have more details about customization of your listings.

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It would be possible to re-purpose the figure environment and associated macros, but it may make the code harder to read. For example,

  % <contents>

would then serve the (possibly) dual purpose of posting a listing or a figure. Additionally, what should be contained within \listoffigures?

The float package allows for the easy definition of new floats. Here's a minimal example declaring a new float listing, as well as the appropriate \listoflistings command to display a "List of Listings":

enter image description here

\usepackage{float}% http://ctan.org/pkg/float
% Create new "listing" float
\newcommand{\listoflistings}{\listof{listing}{List of Listings}}
  \caption{This is a figure}
Here is some code.
  \caption{This is a listing}

For more information on the user interface, consult the float package documentation.

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    New floats can also be created by the caption package. The classes of the KOMA-Script bundle offer this feature, too. – Thorsten Donig Feb 22 '12 at 17:20

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