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I am writing a thesis in a specific latex template that my department created. I simply imported the zip file of the template into an overleaf project, and compiled. However the nomenclature and the index do not show up at all in the pdf.

my main .tex file (mscThesis.tex) that pdfLatex compiles, consists of the following relevant parts:

% Finalize the thesis data
% ...
% some other code
% ...
% ...
% Some example code here
% ... at some point:
% Bibliography
% Index


In the file glossary.tex we find

% Glossary
\chapter{Glossary} %
\begin{acronym}[\hspace{0.8in}] % 0.8in is also used by the nomenclature
    \acro{3mE}[3\textlarger{m}E]{Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering}%
    \acro{AMS}{American Mathematical Society}%
    \acro{DCSC}{Delft Center for Systems and Control}%
    \acro{TU}[TU D\textlarger{elft}]{Delft University of Technology}%
% Nomenclature

The command setThesisInfo is defined in mscThesis.cls:

  \hypersetup{pdftitle=Masters Thesis: \msctitle,

Other relevant definitions in mscThesis.cls are:

\RequirePackage{nomencl}                                % cool nomenclature listing
% ...
% some other definition code
% ... then at some point this:
\renewcommand{\nomname}{List of Symbols}
           {#2 (#1)\nomenclature[a ]{#1}{\MakeUppercase#2}}
           {#1\nomenclature[c ]{#1}{\MakeUppercase#2}}
           {#1\nomenclature[b ]{#1}{\MakeUppercase#2}}
           {\nomenclature[d ]{$ _{#1} $}{\MakeUppercase#2}}
           {\nomenclature[e ]{$ ^{#1} $}{\MakeUppercase#2}}
           {\nomenclature[f ]{#1}{\MakeUppercase#2}}
%      \medskip\item[\large\textbf{\textsf{Latin Symbols}}]\medskip}{%
%        \medskip\item[\large\textbf{\textsf{Greek Symbols}}]\medskip}{%
%          \medskip\item[\large\textbf{\textsf{Subscripts}}]\medskip}{%
%            \medskip\item[\large\textbf{\textsf{Superscripts}}]\medskip}{%
%                \medskip\item[\large\textbf{\textsf{Other}}]\medskip}
  \phantomsection % Added by Martijn van de Giessen
%  \markboth{\nomname}{\nomname}

In the compiled mscThesis.tex file, we do have some examples of indexed content and of nomenclature examples, so it is probably not that there are simply not any examples to output. E.g. :

\section{About the Nomenclature}

When you use symbols in your thesis -- as you probably will -- you can put them into the nomenclature listing (List of Symbols) at the back of your thesis. \tabref{tab:nomencl} shows the \LaTeX\ commands you need.\index{nomenclature}

    \caption{Nomenclature codes}
        Code & Usage & Example\\
        \verb"\gsymb{}" & Greek symbols & \gsymb{$\gamma$}{Path Angle}\\
        \verb"\lsymb{}" & Letter symbols & \lsymb{$H(s)$}{Transfer function}\\
        \verb"\supers{}" & Superscript symbols & \supers{max}{Maximum} &\emph{only printed in the List of Symbols} \\
        \verb"\subs{}" & Subscript symbols & \subs{min}{Minimum} &\emph{only printed in the List of Symbols}\\
        \verb"\others{}" & Other symbols & \others{[kts]}{Knots} \others{$^{\circ}$, [deg]}{Degrees} &\emph{only printed in the List of Symbols}\\

Finally, maybe it has to do with the .ist files: myindex.ist and mynomencl.ist. I notice these files are nowere specifically mentioned in the preamble or class definition, but they are part of the project. Is that maybe it? If not, any suggestions on how to make the nomenclature and index appear in the Pdf, while making use of the given template?

Let me know if things need to be cleared up, or any edit requests. I'm happy to modify this question.

If necessary, you can download the full .zip file of the template from here.

EDIT As per a good suggestion from the comments: I will post the read-only link of the overleaf project here.

  • Uploading files from the .zip to Overleaf does work for me, i.e. the Index, the Glossary (Acronyms and Symbols) all appear in the output: overleaf.com/read/bmgdjbfpjkvt If you're still having an issue with your project on Overleaf, you can post its read-only URL here, or you can email support@overleaf.com with your project ID, and someone will help have a look. – imnothere Oct 7 '18 at 6:20
  • Good point! I have edited my question and posted the read-only link. I can see that it works on the link you posted. That is weird. Did you change any options ? – BlueRine S Oct 7 '18 at 10:12
  • Thanks for the read-only link; now I see the issue: Nomenclatures, glossaries, indices etc will only work in an Overleaf project if the main file is on the top level and not in a subfolder—and this is the difference between your project and mine! – imnothere Oct 7 '18 at 13:57
  • Wow you're right! It works now! thanks for the help. Do you want to make an answer out of your comment? If not I can do it as well. Simply so that others might benefit from it if they have a similar issue. – BlueRine S Oct 7 '18 at 14:20

Disclaimer: I'm a support personnel at Overleaf.

On Overleaf V2, makeindex (also makeglossaries) will only run correctly if the project's main file is placed in the project's top level, instead of inside a subfolder. Incidentally this is also a pre-requisite for the word count and SyncTeX to function in Overleaf V2 projects.

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