I try to do upadating MikTex version 6852 10/3/2018 and receive Miktex Error Report - MikTex console:

The operation could not be completed because a required file failed verification.


package="ocgx2", arhiveFile="D:\Install\MikTeX-2.9\x64\ocgx2.tar.lzma", expectedMD5="348e2af1b8afc5ebcd057a56fa62d6d3", actualMD5="b44caab1d9910439ce557ffb2347f592"

Is this non-correct download of updating files? What can I do?

  • First I would recommend because of its ancestry on plain latin paths to avoid any possible runtime issues you avoid any \p-a_t.h\ with hyphens underscore spaces etc. that said if the MD5 is incorrect it may be the source repository and the inbuilt list are disagreeing about FNDB entries so you can as a first step go to tasks and select at bottom Update package database. Do not interrupt it it can take a while – KJO Oct 6 at 17:13
  • You seem to have a local repository & difference is likely your copy is out of date versus the one expected. What mix of steps did you go through during install and prior to error. You may need to download just that one file if all others up to that point are ok. – KJO Oct 6 at 17:24
  • Ok. Thank you. I have downloaded new packeges from different repository. Now the update runs without errors. – Gennadij Sotnikov Oct 7 at 8:08

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