I have a table of contents with several sections, sub-sections, and sub-sub-sections. I want to keep these formatted in the same way throughout the table of contents and the document with the exception of the Appendix Section.

As an example, consider the two screenshots below:

example 1 -- Appendix A

Note the (1) in front of Appendix A. I would like to remove this from both the header in the top screenshot and the table of contents entry in the bottom screenshot. However, I would like to leave these entries unchanged for all sections that are not Section VI. Appendices.

example 2 -- Table of Contents

How can I achieve this? I have tried using the \subsection*{Appendix A - ...} but this removes the entry from the table of contents.

Just in case it is helpful, the preamble I am using (containing all additional packages) is below:






  {\par\vspace{\abovedisplayskip}\noindent\begin{tabular}{>{$}l<{$} @{${}={}$} l}}





I am relatively new to this stackexchange and LaTeX. If I can improve this question, please let me know.


Took days of searching, but the solution is short and easy to implement.



\subsection*{Appendix A - Methods to Optimize Speed Distribution Fit}
\addcontentsline{toc}{subsection}{Appendix A - Methods to Optimize Speed Distribution Fit}

<Put body here>
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