Just out of curiosity, I stripped TeX source to a minimum from TeXLive build tree and compiled it successfully (it works in conjunction with texlive-lang-english package installed on Debian 10).

You can get it from github.com/igor-liferenko/tex and compile by just typing make.

Now I would like to create an executable with preloaded format (like in the old days). For this I need to produce a memory dump of the running executable. It is said here that pressing C-\ must do the job. But it does not.

So, how does one produce a core dump? (Creating an executable out of it is not considered yet...)


You could to compile with -enable-auto-core-dump as documented here


Rather than relying on a manual interrupt.

  • Going up one level to table of contents, it looks like that link is documentation for web2c 7.2 from November 1997. And the corresponding section from the latest documentation of 2018 web2c seems to have removed that part of the documentation… perhaps the option has been removed too? (Haven't actually tried it. :-) ) – ShreevatsaR Nov 16 '18 at 18:35

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