I am trying to make my bibliography style similar to this one:

With very compact referencing and hyperlinks to papers. I can't find a way to do this which is this compact. I am using natbib with .bst files. Anyone have any suggestions or recognise the style?



I don't recognise the style as such, but physics reference lists (and the journal references here suggest this is an example of one such) do generally use [n]-style citations, and omit article titles, and thus end up this compact. Therefore you might find something useful at either this collection of physics .bst styles, or by looking at physics journals' BibTeX instructions.

There's a collection of .bst samples which shows some possibilities, but it doesn't include anything quite matching this.

Failing that, you might investigate the custom-bib package (it might already be installed in your distribution), which helps you generate a custom .bst file.

  • Making a custom bib works – Pigeon Oct 27 '18 at 12:39

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