How can I automatically show only the task and the result of a Polynomial long division, like

enter image description here

(without the 'gap', too late seen above)

I know, there are possibilities to bunch that together (see MWE), but there is a problem with the remainder:

enter image description here

Maybe, there is a clever method for the remainder an it's sign ('+' or '-') or it has to be filtered out from polynom.sty or there is a possibility I do not know.

So my question is: How can I show only

enter image description here


\documentclass[margin=5mm, varwidth]{standalone}
\usepackage{polynom, xcolor}

% Save some polynoms
\polyadd{\NumeratorI}{3x^4 - 22x^3 + 39x^2 - \frac{41}{2}x + \frac{11}{2}}{0}%

\textbf{Target:}  This without showing the calculation \\
\polylongdiv[style=C]\NumeratorI\Denominator   \\
\polylongdiv[style=B]\NumeratorI\Denominator   \\

\textbf{Actual:} Do it by your own \\
\left( \polyprint\NumeratorI \right) :  \left( \polyprint\Denominator \right) 
\polyprint\QuotientWithoutRemainderI+\frac{\polyprint{\polyremainder}}{\polyprint\Denominator}$ \\

{\color{red} Problem:} \\
\left( \polyprint\NumeratorII \right) :  \left( \polyprint\Denominator \right) 
\polyprint\QuotientWithoutRemainderI+\color{red}\frac{\polyprint{\polyremainder}}{\polyprint\Denominator}$ \\

enter image description here

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