I'm using apacite and both cite{author} and citeA{author} commands. When using cite{author}, both author and year are hyperlinked and this is fine.

But when using citeA{author}, i would like the year only to be hyperlinked. Here is a screenshot of citeA{tulving1972, tulving1995} :

I would like the author name (tulving) to be in black like the rest of the text. However, when using cite{} i would like both names and year to be hyperlinked.

found this answer but couldnt manage to adapt it to make it work with citeA{} (note citea{}

Any help ?


This turns out to be a lot easier than with the natbib solution. I haven't tested all the other cite commands but this seems to work properly for \citeA and \cite.


    Author = {Marianne Adams},
    Journal = {Natural Language \& Linguistic Theory},
    Pages = {1-32},
    Title = {From Old French to the Theory of Pro-Drop},
    Volume = {5},
    Year = {1987}}

    Author = {Marianne Adams},
    Journal = {Linguistic Inquiry},
    Pages = {305-313},
    Title = {Government of Empty Subjects in Factive Clausal Complements},
    Volume = {16},
    Year = {1985}}

    Address = {Cambridge Mass.},
    Author = {Noam Chomsky},
    Publisher = {{MIT} Press},
    Title = {Barriers},
    Year = {1986}}





     {\csname b@\@citeb\APAC@extra@b@citeb\endcsname}%
     {\csname b@\@citeb\APAC@extra@b@citeb\endcsname}%
     {\csname Y@\@citeb\APAC@extra@b@citeb\endcsname}%






output of code

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