I want to remove the linebreak between part numeration and part name as found here. However the solution doesn't work for me.


\documentclass[draft, onecolumn, oneside, paper=a4, 12pt]{scrartcl}



"Part I." and "A" are still displayed in seperate lines. The output doesn't containg error warnings.

I'm using overleaf and pdfLaTeX.

Thanks in advance.

  • With \patchcmd{\@part}{\par}{\quad}{}{\PatchFailed} you would get the error message that \PatchFailed is not defined. Then you would know that the false part of \patchcmd is excecuted because the patch fails. – esdd Oct 15 '18 at 10:42

Avoid patching internal KOMA-Script commands. Redefine the KOMA-Script command \partheadmidvskip to remove the linebreak between the part number and the part text:




enter image description here

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