I want use this options:

       start anchor={[xshift=0.35cm]south west},
       end   anchor={[xshift=0.35cm]north west}] 

but it is a very long code. Is there a way in order to have a shorter code? for instance:



    startcode STAND FOR start anchor={[xshift=0.35cm]south west} 
    endcode   STAND FOR end   anchor={[xshift=0.35cm]north west}
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    As always on this site, please provide a full but minimal example. Then it is a lot easier for others to help, as they do not need to guess parts of your example document (guesses that might not apply to your usecase) – daleif Oct 16 '18 at 9:57
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    Can't you just say \tikzset{startcode/.style={ start anchor={[xshift=0.35cm]south west}},endcode/.style={end anchor={[xshift=0.35cm]north west}}}? As pointed out by @daleif, one would need an MWE to test this. – user121799 Oct 16 '18 at 11:22

The solution proposed by marmot in his comment works, but the correct macro is \tikzcdset, not \tikzset.

If this doesn't match your needs, please add a complete minimal working example.

        start anchor={[xshift=0.35cm]south west}
        end anchor={[xshift=0.35cm]north west}

Just to compare the two arrows with and without \texttt{startcode} and \texttt{endcode}:
A \ar[d,startcode,endcode] & A \ar[d]\\
B & B

enter image description here

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