consider the following MWE


  |-|/.style = {
  to path={
      (\tikztostart) |- ($(\tikztostart)!0.5!(\tikztotarget)$) -| (\tikztotarget)

    \node (a) at (0,0) [rectangle, draw, minimum width=1cm, minimum height=1cm] {a};
    \node (b) at (2,1.5) [circle, draw, minimum width=1cm, minimum height=1cm] {b};

    \draw[thick, red, ->] (a) |- ($(a)!0.5!(b)$) -| (b);

    \draw[->] (a) to[|-|] (b);

which I made based on this answer:


Is it somehow possible to modify the style definition, such that I can write

\draw[->] (a) |-| (b);

without the to[] operator? I have seen that there is the tikzlibrarypaths.ortho.tex but is it really necessary to use a complete library only for this kind of path operation?

Further, I would also like to have a -/ path style, which connects two nodes first horizontal, then with an adjustable angle (default 45°). I tried using the calc library and projection coordinates, but I struggled, so how can this be done?

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