I learned in the question How to draw a 9 x 9 chessboard?, answered by Phelype Oleinik, how to distinguish with Arabic numerals the columns and lines of the chessboard. Is it possible to number the rows and columns of the board differently, as in the following figure? enter image description here

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Yes, it is. You can change the printarea of the board. The argument to printarea is <ll>-<tr>, where <ll> is the lower left corner of the board, and <tr> is the top right corner. Since you want the numbering starting from zero, you have to pass the zero option. In this case, the zeroth cell gets the special number Z. To match your picture, you need printarea=Z3-e8:




  zero=true, % numbering starts at zero
  labelbottomformat=\arabic{filelabel}, % bottom labels are numbered with arabic algarisms
  setwhite={ra3, rb6, rd4, re7},


enter image description here

  • Phelype Oleinik, Show!! That's exactly what I wanted. Thanks. Oct 18, 2018 at 9:26

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