When I use Quickstart in Kile to compile the pdf of my code, the pdf starts from the first page. Is there any setting change such that I can directly go to the most recently edited part, as is the case in compiling the code with TexMaker?

  • Quickstart in Kile to compile ? quick start wizard builds, a template other settings are usually used "to compile" when you open a tex file it compiles from the start so editor and viewer are at the start. as you move through the editor the pdf follows when you make a change and select QuickBuild the editor and pdf viewer are in sync so if editing page 2 the pdf jumps & highlights the line in page 2. In the PDF if I select an item on page 3 to see where the code is I can Shift left click to jump to that location in the editor. It is different but roughly the same as most editor/viewer synctex.
    – user170109
    Oct 19, 2018 at 21:35


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