After finishing my thesis I am starting to write a book with all my poems. Due to my thesis I am used to scrbook class and can handle koma script a bit. But I fail at adjusting the section headings. Consider the following MWE (using LuaLaTeX and depicting a typical verse scheme of mine) using a design I asked for before.:




\definecolor{themecolor}{RGB}{180, 220, 70}

% Design Chapter

    headings/base/.style = {
        outer sep = 5pt,
        inner sep = 0pt,
        inner xsep = 10pt,
    headings/chapterbackground/.style = {
        font = \strut,% equal height no matter if capitals or 'g', 'p', etc are used or not
    headings/chapapp/.style = {
        text = themecolor,
        font = \usekomafont{chapterprefix}
    headings/chapterline/.style = {
        line width = 2pt,

            {\dimexpr\textwidth-2\pgfkeysvalueof{/pgf/outer xsep}\relax}%
            {\raggedchapter #3}%
        \node[headings/chapapp,anchor=south east]
        at ([xshift=0pt, yshift=-12pt]title.north east){\ifstr{#2}{}{}{\chapapp}\strut};% Positionierung chapterprefix
        (current bounding box.north west)
        ([xshift=0pt, yshift=-10pt]current bounding box.south east);%
        (current bounding box.south east)++(0.5\pgflinewidth,0)--+(0,\paperheight);
        \@hangfrom{#2}{#3}% other section levels using style=chapter

    \chapter{Poems of Love}
    \addsec{Title of the poem}
    This is the first line\\
    and this the second line of a verse.

    This is where the common text starts.\\

    This is a new block without parskip.


    This is the first line\\
    and the second of the last verse.

What I would like to achieve is: Chaptertitle instead of chapterprefix Sectiontitle instead of chaptertitle Considering the MWE, something like this:

Poems of Love (instead of "Chapter", green color)

Title of the poem (instead of "Poems of love", black color)

This is the first line ...

However, I tried to replace "chapter" and "chapterlinesformat" by "section" and "sectionlinesformat", but that does not work and gives error messages. I plan to have the actual chaptertitle on a single page and let the chaptertitle appear again above every section. I hope this link with an example works.

PS: I am not tied to scrbook. I've just chosen it because I know it the most due to my theses. I tried memoir class before but was unsatisfied with the layout. So I am open to any suggestions to ease my ideas and appreciate your help.

  • Maybe I do not understand the question or do you really simply want the solution esdd has shown but with additional\renewcommand*{\chapapp}{Poems of love} and then using \chapter{Title of the poem}? Oct 20 '18 at 13:52
  • memoir provides for many different layouts. If you didn't like the "out of the box" layout what did you try? Oct 20 '18 at 18:26