I have the following issue: In my references, I often have a γ' symbol in the title, which stands for gamma prime, a strengthening component in high-temperature alloys. Please note that many journals, especially in the past formatted this as an apostrophe and not as a prime symbol. I should also add that I normally use biber for bibliography, but for some journals I have to switch to bibtex.

An exemplary title is: "Lattice misfits in four binary Ni-Base γ/γ' alloys at ambient and elevated temperatures"

When I export it to Bibtex using my Citavi literature software, I obtain: "title = {{Lattice misfits in four binary Ni-Base \textgreek{g}/\textgreek{g}' alloys at ambient and elevated temperatures}}"

How can I replace this apostrophe with some sort of $^\prime$ expression, so that I get a proper superscript prime symbol in the end?


You can write mathematics as usual, but should enclose the result in {...} to prevent interference for the processing.

  author =   {Author, A. N.},
  title =    {Lattice misfits in four binary {N}i-{B}ase
              {$\gamma/\gamma'$} alloys at ambient and elevated
  journal =  {J. Jour.},
  year =     2000,
  pages =    {1--20}

With \bibliographystyle{plain} this prints as

Sample output

Note that I have not included the whole title in extra brackets {...}, but just marked the elements that need protection (capital letters and mathematics). This allows the bibtex style to do is job as intended.

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