I would like to write the two special characters for Medieval Latin transcriptions of "per" and "pro" (see the attached image). Does anybody know if those characters exist? I do not find them. enter image description hereThanks!

  • The comprehensive symbol list does not mention per or pro by name. I've never seen them before either. Oct 21, 2018 at 15:03

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Welcome to TeX.SX! The two symbols  and  are found in the Latin Extended-D Unicode block. In particular,  (U+A750),  (U+A751),  (U+A752) and  (U+A753).

Regarding input, a Unicode compile engine is recommended: XeTeX or LuaTeX. Regarding output, you need to choose a typeface/font that supports Latin Extended-D. You can choose Symbola, Quivira or any other fonts you find suitable (see also the MUFI font page). Make sure to read the font license!!

% !TeX program = XeLaTeX
per/par: ꝑ: emꝑere (emperere), ꝑler (parler)

pro: ꝓ: ꝓmis (promis), ꝓdome (prodome)


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