I have customize the chapter title. But, I want that the custom chapter title will not be set for all chapters. I want to set different chapter title styling for different chapter. Is it possible and if yes then please tell me how??

  • Yes. Can you show what you mean by supplying some code? A solution will most likely depend on it. – Werner Oct 22 '18 at 17:49

You haven't shown us what you have done (supply a MWE). I don't use titlesec but I think that after a \titleformat command subsequent titles follow that format until another \titleformat is issued to change the format. Roughly speaking like the following

\chapter{...}% class style
\titleformat{...} % format 1
\chapter{...}% in format 1
\titleformat{...} % format 2
\chapter{...}% in format 2

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