Im trying to run the following code

\pgfplotsset{width = 7cm, compat = 1.8}
\begin{axis}[domain = -2:2, domain y = 0:2*pi]
\addplot3[contour gnuplot = {output point meta = rawz, number=10, labels=false}, samples = 41, z filter/.code=\def\pgfmathresult{-1.6}] {exp(-x^2) * sin(deg(y))};
\addplot3[surf, samples = 25] {exp(-x^2) * sin(deg(y))};

and I'm getting the error

Package pgfplots Error: sorry, plot file{Utitlled_contourmp0.table} could not be opened

through a quick search I found out that contour maps require pgfplots and gnuplot to talk to each other. In theory the way to make them interact is adding

!TEX option = --enable-write18


%!TEX option = --enable-escape

at the top of the file. Unfortunately this has not worked for me. Any suggestions?

  • When I run your code with pdflatex -shell-escape, it works beautifully. Perhaps this means you need to say !TEX option = -shell-escape.
    – user121799
    Oct 22, 2018 at 21:23
  • Just tried adding % !TEX option = -shell-escape before/after \begin{document}, still no luck
    – noibe
    Oct 22, 2018 at 22:28
  • OK, then could you please tell us how you compile it? (And what happens if you add a -, i.e. use % !TEX option = --shell-escape?)
    – user121799
    Oct 22, 2018 at 22:44
  • If you hit enter does it continue to compile with the following warnings Package pgfplots Error: sorry, plot file{untitled-2_contourtmp0.table} could not be opened. See the pgfplots package documentation for explanation. Type H <return> for immediate help. ... l.7 ...athresult{-1.6}] {exp(-x^2) * sin(deg(y))}; Package pgfplots Warning: the current plot has no coordinates (or all have been filtered away) on input line 7.
    – user170109
    Oct 23, 2018 at 0:41
  • Ok have now added a diagnostic MWE to my answer.
    – user170109
    Oct 24, 2018 at 17:07

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After testing dozens of similar issues, and trying to develop a "simple" diagnostic MWE.

The message is very clear [sic] Utitlled_contourtmp0.table is not generated thus is not available, this seems to be an all too common problem with contour gnuplot and the two solutions are relatively simple.

1) -shell-execute needs to be active

2) \yourpathto\gnuplot\bin needs to be on your editors path

The following test script should help Windows users feel free to duplicate for mac/nix

%% First sanity test if pdfLaTeX is active
  \errmessage{OK ! pdfLaTeX IS active PRESS ENTER TO CONTINUE}
  \errmessage{plain latex and dvipdf ? PLEASE SWITCH to pdfLaTeX}
%% Second sanity test if shell escape is available
    \errmessage{OK   Shell-Escape IS active  PRESS ENTER TO CONTINUE}
    \errmessage{Shell-Escape is NOT working. PLEASE ADD --shell-escape to pdfLaTeX arguments}
%% if shell escape is working we can get console feedback
\immediate\write18{echo echo Shell-Escape is active > "\tmpfile"}
  \immediate\write18{echo echo You are using pdflatex >> "\tmpfile"}
  \immediate\write18{echo echo plain latex and dvipdf ? switch to pdflatex >> "\tmpfile"}
% Check where gnuplot is Fist check if we can get version info
\immediate\write18{echo gnuplot -e  "show version long" >> "\tmpfile"}
% these lines are under review as it should traverse editor roots, but for present we check relative and system path
\immediate\write18{echo where /r . gnuplot.exe >> "\tmpfile"}
\immediate\write18{echo where gnuplot.exe >> "\tmpfile"}

\immediate\write18{echo set path >> "\tmpfile"}
% Store latest results WILL be overwritten on each run
\immediate\write18{"\tmpfile" >results.txt}
% Add a pause in case user wants to manually edit / run cmd file
\immediate\write18{echo pause>> "\tmpfile"}
\immediate\write18{del "\tmpfile"}

The same problem happened for me when I've set -output-dir parameter compiling with pdflatex.

So, I have the following structure:


I wanted to compile my .tex and put it to builds. Being in root I tried to execute this:
pdflatex -shell-escape -output-dir=builds texs/file_to_compile.tex
and got this weird plot file could not be opened error. With no -output-dir parameter it compiles just fine straight into the root, which is unwanted behaviour for me.

So my solution was:

  1. Go into texs/
  2. Execute pdflatex -shell-escape -output-dir="../builds" file_to_compile.tex

(I've got new problem, because that's what I try to do automatically with Python, and I don't want to change current dir every compilation, but that's another story.)

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