I'm using the Memoir package and trying to setup a page of endnotes that only features a continuous list of endnotes and nothing more. In the following MWE a second chapter header (in addition to the Notes chapter head) is printed along with a subheading for each chapter separating the endnotes.

How can I eliminate both of those features?

Thank you for your help!

\chapter*{chapter 1}
blah blah\pagenote{lorem ipsum 1}
\chapter*{chapter 2}
hah hah\pagenote{lorem ipsum 2}

I think that you need to delete the \chapter*{Notes} line in your MWE and add three items after \makepagenote, as

\continuousnotenums % continuous numbering, not per chapter
\renewcommand*{\pagenotesubhead}[3]{} % no subheads in the Notes
\renewcommand*{\notedivision}{\chapter*{\notesname}} % just Notes heading (no Chapter)

For more information on the above see the manual (> texdoc memoir) 17.4 Endnotes

  • Thanks so much! I think this is just about perfect. – Jeff McClenahan Oct 29 '18 at 21:55

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