I want my chapters unnumbered, as in this MWE. But with this configuration the ref link to a chapter with a label shows no text:

enter image description here

I'd like to have the chapter name there, or, better, a text I can set as when I create the label.

A second need (which I could ask in a separate question): I would like my chapters to start on verso rather than recto pages since they begin with an image that should be visible while reading the text.


% suppress section and chapter numbering
\maxsecnumdepth {none} 

% Set chapter name on the left







[image on first page, should be verso]
About this image (recto page)


[image on first page, should be verso]
About this image (recto page), with a reference to Chapter~\ref{ch:foo}.


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Since no one jumped in to answer I read the memoir documentation and answered my own questions.

For the link, use


instead of


To start chapters on verso pages, use the openleft class option


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