Please consider this MWE:


\pgfplotsset{soldot/.style={color=black,only marks,mark=*}}
\pgfplotsset{holdot/.style={color=red,fill=white,very thick,only marks,mark=*}}


            legend pos=outer north east,
            axis lines = center,
            label style={font=\tiny},
            legend style={font=\tiny},
            xticklabel style = {font=\tiny},
            yticklabel style = {font=\tiny},
            xlabel = $x$,
            ylabel = $y$,
            legend style={cells={align=left}}
        \addplot[red,thick] {x*x*x-y*y-y};


Original graph

Overleaf throws me the following error:

! Package pgfplots Error: Sorry, you can't use 'y' in this context. PGFPlots expected to sample a line, not a mesh. Please use the [mesh] option combined with [samples y>0] and [domain y!=0:0] to indicate a twodimensional input domain.

so I change

\addplot[red,thick] {x*x*x-y*y-y};


\addplot[samples y>0, domain y!=0:0,red,thick] {x*x*x-y*y-y};

but now 4 errors appears, and when using addlegendentry the picture is Mesh picture instead of the normal line.

I would like to graph the implicit function like this:

What I want

not using gnuplot. Is that possible?



You wish to plot x^3-y^2-y=0, which is equivalent to x^3=y^2+y or x=sign(y^2+y)\cdot|y^2+y|^{1/3}.

\begin{axis}[axis lines=middle,xlabel=$x$,ylabel=$y$,title=lul]

enter image description here

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