How can we write the following statement with the matrix form in the LaTeX ? (We wish to represent it in the matrix form)

By $\delta_{ij}(a)$  we mean a n by n matrices 
in $M_n(\mathbb{R})$ which has only one nonzero 
entry $a$ at $i$, th row and j th column.

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If I understand well, is it something like this you want?

\usepackage{blkarray, bigstrut}


    & & \makebox[0pt]{column $j$} \\[-0.5ex]
    & & \,\downarrow \\[-0.5ex]
    & \makebox[3.1em]{\Large $0$\bigstrut[t]} & \vdots &\makebox[4.2em]{\Large $0$} \\[-0.2ex]
    \text{row }i \to \mkern-9mu & \raisebox{0.5ex}{\makebox[3.2em][l]{\dotfill}} & 1 & \raisebox{0.5ex}{\makebox[4.2em][r]{\dotfill}} \\[-1ex]
    & \makebox[3.1em]{\Large $0$} & \vdots &\makebox[4.2em]{\bigstrut\Large $0$} \\


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With {NiceMatrix} of the package nicematrix.




                  &        & \clap{column $j$}   \\
                  &        & \downarrow          \\[1mm]
                  & \zero  & \Vdots     & \zero  \\
\text{row } i \to & \Cdots & 1          & \Cdots \\
                  & \zero  & \Vdots     & \zero 


You need several compilations (because nicematrix uses PGF/Tikz nodes under the hood).

Output of the above code

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