My problem is that the diff.tex file which I generate, after running latexdiff, is empty/blank.

  • I have installed Perl 5, version 28.
  • I installed latexdiff from the miktex package manager
  • I installed Strawberry Perl for Windows 64 bit.
  • In the Perl Command Prompt, I changed the working directory to where my original.tex and final.tex files were saved
  • In the Perl Command Prompt, I ran the code: latexdiff original.tex final.tex > diff.tex
  • In my working directory, the diff.tex file exists but it is completely blank/empty
  • Additionally, two errors appear in the Perl Command Prompt:
    1. The first error says "latexdiff: the script engine could not be found"
    1. The second error says "latexdiff: Data: scriptEngine='perl.exe' "
  • I've tried to fix this by downloading latexdiff from CTAN and then copying the files into the perl bin folder. But this fix hasn't worked.

Is there a quick fix for this?

  • It sounds like latexdiff is not even running, because somehow the system does not figure out he should use perl to run it. Unfortunately I don't know Strawberry Perl so cannot help you there. But before you run latexdiff on files, you could check that at least it gets executed by running latexdiff -h – frederik Oct 30 at 19:47

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