I would like to extend a figure into the margin pretty much as done here in LaTeX: Place figures side by side, spill into outer margin

My idea was to place the figure right and make it wider than \textwidth.

\placefigure[right]{My caption}{\externalfigure[foo.png][width=1.2\textwidth]}

But that's not working since the figure is then extending into the right margin and not into the left :(

  • Have you looked in the details document? I think it is covered there. (I'm not able to check it right now.) – mickep Oct 29 '18 at 18:07

Apparently, setting the location parameter in \setupfloat does the trick.

\setupfloat[figure][default=here,location=right] \placefigure[]{My caption}{\externalfigure[foo.png][width=1.2\textwidth]}

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