I want to define a new environment, that sets up two \figure side by side. I have already done it manually, but I need to make a shortcut for it, so I can just write "\begin{sidebyside}"+enter to make it appear like normal \figureenvironments do.

This is what i have tried in my Preamble:


        \caption{\protect\raggedright CAPTION FOR THE WHOLE FIGURE}

But it doesn't work. I hope someone can/will help me.



You are using memoir which offers special commands for subcaptions. I've declared a newcommand \sidebyside with six parameters, image left, caption for figure on left, image on right, caption for figure on rigth, general caption and general label.



        \caption{\protect\raggedright #5}

\sidebyside{example-image-a}{test a}{example-image-b}{test b}{general caption}{mylabel}

enter image description here

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  • If anyone else needs this with book class (which I need), add \usepackage{subcaption} to the preamble. – Jon Oct 31 '18 at 14:47

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