I'm writing an article for a conference in Brazil that uses the latex template from ACM format (ACM Conference Proceedings - New Master Template) and I wanted to know how can I add one more abstract and one more keywords "section"?

As I am writing for a Brazilian conference I must have "Resumo" (an abstract in Portuguese) and "Palavras-chave" (the keywords in Portuguese).

I tried to create them only using \begin{resumo} or \begin{palavrasChaves}, but it says that:

Environment resumo undefined

So I tried to modify the acmart.cls, to create these two sections ("Resumo" and "Palavras-chave"), but I couldn't make any progress...

I've also tried to find it in the acmart.pdf, but I couldn't find how to create new "sections".

The ACM template has the following instructions:


\title{SIG Proceedings Paper in LaTeX Format}

This paper provides a sample of ACM SIG Proceedings.

\keywords{ACM proceedings, \LaTeX}

 % Right Here I need the abstract in portuguese ("Resumo") and 
 % afterwards I need the keywords in portuguese ("Palavras-chave").



I have sent an e-mail to acm support but they haven't answered yet, but as it is quite urgent could you help me with that?

P.S: I am working with the Overleaf template.

acm-conference-proceedings-new-master-template - Overleaf

Thank you!

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ACM answered me:

If you want to add another Abstract and Keywords section in other languages in your article you must add the following instructions:

   \def\portkeywords#1{\g@addto@macro\@keywords{\endgraf\bigskip{\bfseries\Large\noindent PALAVRAS-CHAVE}\endgraf\noindent#1}}%
    \long\def\@saveaotherbstract#1{\g@addto@macro\@abstract{\endgraf\bigskip{\bfseries\Large\noindent RESUMO}\endgraf\noindent\ignorespaces#1}}

Just create both and you are ready to go...

 Resumo em português.

\portkeywords{Procedimentos ACM}

UPDATE: Change Keywords to Palavras-Chaves

If the other way doesn't work anymore, you can try this:


\keywords{another, way, to, change, keywords}

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