I need to make text fields for signatures at the bottom of each page. Like this (i drew it in Adobe Illustrator): Sample text fields

How can i do this?

Paper format: A4.


This can be done in numerous ways (suggested references):

enter image description here


  paper = a4paper,
  margin = 1in

  \begin{tabular}[t]{ p{#1} p{#1} }
    \raisebox{-.5ex}[0pt][0pt]{\bfseries #2} & \\
    & \centering\scriptsize\itshape (signature)




\signature{James Bond}\hfill
\signature{Austin Powers}\hfill


I did something:



\textbf{Tom Brand} & \makebox[1.5in]{\hrulefill} & \makebox[1.5in] & \textbf{Ryan Cruise} & \makebox[1.5in]{\hrulefill}\\
& \small \textit{(signature)} & & & \small \textit{(signature)} 

\SetBgPosition{current page.south}





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