I am compiling a document and it generates the error that the document "siunitx.sty" can not find. What I did was download the library from the page: https://ctan.org/

I got the package, download it paste it at the address: Local disk C, miktex 2.9, tex, latex, and there stick it. There were three files. I sent it to refresh in miktex settings and it still does not compile me.

I went to miktex manager and looked for the library "siunitx" and I got a result I gave it install, accept ... but then I found a box with: = "get host by name failed in tcp_connect ()"

And now, I do not know what else to do.

  • Welcome to TeX.SE. A quick note: I changed the tags associated with your posting as it does not appear to be related to 'biblatex'. – Mico Nov 2 at 6:28
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    Please also provide more information about (a) your MikTeX distribution (e.g., how old? when last updated?) and (b) exactly how you are trying to load the siunitx package. – Mico Nov 2 at 6:30
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    Thirdly, you should never ever manually update a package that can be updated through the package manager in your latex distribution. Siunitx depends on other packages as well, so you'll need to update those as well. Hence everything being easier using the package manager. So your main target should be fixing miktex. – daleif Nov 2 at 7:06
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    You seem to have a connection problem. If you are behind a proxy check the settings in the miktex console. – Ulrike Fischer Nov 2 at 9:52
  • Potential duplicate of tex.stackexchange.com/questions/121135/… – KJO Nov 11 at 21:06

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