I'm trying to compile a mixed English and Hebrew document. When I try to compile (using WinEDT btw) I get an error massage saying-

Sorry, but miktex-makemf did not succeed.

The log file hopefully contains the information to get MiKTeX going again:

Running miktex-hbf2gf.exe...

hbf2gf (CJK ver. 4.8.4)

Couldn't open `jerus.cfg'

Sorry, but miktex-maketfm did not succeed.

The log file hopefully contains the information to get MiKTeX going again:


! Font LHE/cmr/m/n/10=jerus10 at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not fou
<to be read again> 
l.6 \select@language{hebrew}

I'm using WinEDT, MIKTeX 2.9, culmus is installed. Things Iv'e tried:

  1. running updmap --admin from the command prompt.
  2. running updmap --force from the command prompt.
  3. updating MIKTeX.
  4. uninstalling and re-installing MIKTeX.

My code is something like

\usepackage[left=2.5cm, right=2.5cm, top=3cm, bottom=2.5cm]{geometry}

\rhead{\emph{Writer's name}}
\rfoot{Page \thepage}

    {\LARGE Institute name \par}
    {\LARGE Academic department \par}
    {\Large Bla Bla Bla\par}
    {\huge\bfseriesטקסט בעברית\par}
    {\huge\bfseries Research Titlel\par}
    {\Large\itshape Writer's Name\par}
    Advisor: by\par
    Prof.~Advisor \textsc{Surname}
% Bottom of the page
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    culmus is either not installed, not up-to-date or you are not using it correctly. Be aware that even with culmus not everything works as it eg doesn't contain suitable utf8 support. – Ulrike Fischer Nov 2 '18 at 17:06
  • @UlrikeFischer, i think culmus is installed properly. Hebrew worked ok prior to MIKTeX update. Iv'e also downloaded it again today and re-installed it. Didn't work. – U.Nusbaum Nov 2 '18 at 20:08

You should add \usepackage{culmus} otherwise it tries to load the old ivritex font (Jerusalem, etc.).

Alternatively, switch to xetex, things work match better there. See this example.

I'm advocating xetex even though i maintained culmus-latex

  • Hi Guy, culmus is already loaded. Switching to xetex also didn't work. – U.Nusbaum Nov 5 '18 at 8:23
  • Have you specified a Hebrew font for Xetex other than the default? – Guy Nov 6 '18 at 14:26
  • No I did not. I think somethink is wrong with culmus/miktex installation but I can't figure out what is it – U.Nusbaum Nov 6 '18 at 18:09

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