On Linux/Debian/Sid, inside any git repository, the following pipeline gives some git commit id:

git log --format=oneline -1 --abbrev=16 --abbrev-commit -q | cut -d' ' -f1

for example, in one directory, it outputs 03aa650c1bbd20c3. I want to show that string in my LuaLaTeX document.

However, with the following lx.tex file:

% file lx.tex
  pip=io.popen("git log --format=oneline -1 --abbrev=16 --abbrev-commit -q | cut -d' ' -f1")

The gitid is \mygitid

that I process with lualatex --shell-escape --file-line-error --halt-on-error lx I am getting an error

% lualatex --shell-escape --file-line-error --halt-on-error lx
This is LuaTeX, Version 1.07.0 (TeX Live 2019/dev/Debian) 
 system commands enabled.
LaTeX2e <2018-04-01> patch level 5

luaotfload | main : initialization completed in 0.594 seconds (/usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/base/article.cls
Document Class: article 2014/09/29 v1.4h Standard LaTeX document class
(./lx.aux)[\directlua]:2: bad argument #1 to 'read' (invalid option)
stack traceback:
    [C]: in function 'read'
    [\directlua]:2: in main chunk.
\luacode@dbg@exec ...code@maybe@printdbg {#1} #1 }

l.8 \end{luacode*}

 350 words of node memory still in use:
   1 hlist, 1 rule, 1 dir, 3 kern, 1 glyph, 3 attribute, 45 glue_spec, 3 attrib
ute_list, 1 write nodes
   avail lists: 2:8,3:1,4:1,5:4,7:2,8:1,9:3
./lx.tex:8:  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!
Transcript written on lx.log.

But if I run lua5.3 in a terminal with the following code

 % lua5.3            
Lua 5.3.3  Copyright (C) 1994-2016 Lua.org, PUC-Rio
>   pip=io.popen("git log --format=oneline -1 --abbrev=16 --abbrev-commit -q | cut -d' ' -f1")
>   gitid=pip:read("l")
>   pip:close()
true    exit    0
> gitid
> type(gitid)

it works as I expect.

What am I doing wrong?


LuaTeX version 1.07.0 uses Lua 5.2 by default and in Lua 5.2 you have to use read'*l' instead of read'l'. (For compatibility, read'*l' still works with Lua 5.3)

So you can either add the * to the read argument or switch to luatex53 (LuaTex with Lua 5.3) if it is installed.

For :read, the argument l or *l is the default, so another option is to not pass any argument: (Additionally I added local to avoid the global variable pip and --no-color because e.g. on my system git log outputs color escape sequences otherwise)

% file lx.tex
  local pip=io.popen("git log --no-color --format=oneline -1 --abbrev=16 --abbrev-commit -q | cut -d' ' -f1")

The gitid is \mygitid
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