If you have used MathType in Word, you know well that we can customize the font of the equations -- not only change the overall font, but also change the font of brackets, numbers, symbols (e.g. + or ), variables, Greek letters, or functions (e.g. exp or sin), like this:

What I want

I am using XeLaTeX for my school report. However, the math font doesn't suit the whole document much.

I know that I can change the math font in XeLaTeX using \setmathfont. However, it applies for all, not just the symbols or numbers... (of course). I want to know if I can change the font of the symbols only, for instance, and how I can do it.

May you help me? Thank you in advance.

Bonus: It will be far better, if you can help me customize more than that, for example the color of the functions. It will help me a lot!

Any help will be very highly appreciated!

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The documentation for the unicode-math package explains how to use a specific math font only for certain Unicode ranges of glyphs. For example,

\setmathfont{Linux Libertine O}[range=bfsfit/{greek,Greek}]

will change the font used for lowercase and uppercase Greek symbols in math mode. You can also select the font used for specific math symbols such as \int.

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