As a joke in a songbook I'm editing I want to make a phrase "fall of the line", letter by letter. I do remember a long time ago to have seen something like this in WikiBooks but can't find it again.

I recognize there are different ways to do this and some alternatives would be nice to learn about.

Example of what I wan't to be done, however it should be much more incremental and not fall of one letter per line. But rather a couple of pixels per letter.


The letters should "float of the line"


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Just not to leave the question unanswered...

The page you're looking for is the Wikibook one about LaTeX/Boxes.

The command you need is \raisebox.

Since you're writing a songbook, maybe you can add some music notes:


enter image description here

  • Great stuff, and good thinking :) Nov 5, 2018 at 9:56

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