I am creating a document using the KOMA-Script class scrreprt. It is to be handed in and the requirements specify the following page layout:

  1. A4 paper
  2. One-sided print
  3. Margins: left 3.5 cm (2.5cm margin + 1cm binding), right 2.5, top 2.5, bottom 2.5

When I try using the geometry package, it sort of screws it up - just by measuring with a ruler, I see that it's not correct. Using showframe, I can also see that there is a lot of space below the text area, presumably footer and such in addition to the margin, that I don't need.

The KOMA-Script documentation states (and, for the record, I agree that this is the better way) that the page layout should be set using typearea with DIV and BCOR values, but I don't know how to translate the specs into them.

How can I set 1.--3. in scrreprt?

UPDATE: This may, indeed, be caused by the printer. Thanks for the comments, I am now looking into it!

UPDATE 2: The issue I was grappling with was, indeed, caused by the printer. However, the answers given are very appreciated!

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    Are you sure your printer driver isn't using "Shrink to printable area"? Nov 4, 2018 at 14:40

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You gave no MWE so I have to guess a little bit :-(

It is not a good idea to mix KOMA-Script mechanismn with the usage of geometry.

In your case the big problem is that KOMA-Script always uses with its own calculated typing area an bottom line which is double top line!

You want both lines to be equal: top 2.5, bottom 2.5.

So get your three points use the following MWE:



  \ifoot{Author X}

%\recalctypearea % for testing: using KOMA-Script type area calculating too


And gives you:

enter image description here

To test the missmatch by mixing geometry and KOMA-Script mechanismn uncoment the line

%\recalctypearea % for testing: using KOMA-Script type area calculating too

and compile again. The wrong result you now get is:

enter image description here

As you can see the bottom line is double top line and binding correction is missing ...


A4 paper (paper=a4) and one-sided print (twoside=false) are defaults for the scrreprt class.

For the special margins package geometry is recommended. To avoid the change by an explicit or implicit recalculation by KOMA-Script you can use \AfterCalculatingTypearea.






enter image description here

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