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How can I create a citation that look like "[2](Def 5)" or "[2](ch 5)"?

When I use the command \cite[Def 5]{ref-key} the result is "[2, Def 5]"


For output like this it makes sense to base the citation style on the citation style numeric-verb. Since lncs.cbx is just a wrapper around numeric.cbx, you can use bibstyle=lncs, citestyle=numeric-verb.

The only change of the \cite macro to the original in numeric-verb.cbx was the position of the brackets in the pre- and post-code arguments.


\usepackage[style=numeric-verb, backend=biber]{biblatex}





[1](p. 380) [1](Chap. 5), [2](Thm. 4)

If you are using an older version of biblatex you'll want to use


for the postnote format.

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