The idea is to do zoom on the intersections (transparent and dashed disks)

enter image description here

All the best!


You will see that it is way much more fun to do these things yourself.

\draw[very thick] (0,0) circle(2);
\draw[thick] (-3,0) -- (5,0) (0,-3) -- (0,5);
\draw[very thick] (4,-1) -- (2.5,5) coordinate[pos=0.75] (aux);
\begin{scope}[on background layer]
\node[circle,draw,fill=gray!50,on background layer,minimum size=1cm] (c1) at (45:2){};
\node[circle,draw,fill=gray!50,on background layer,minimum size=1cm] (c2) at (aux){};
\draw[very thick] (-0.3,3) node[circle,draw,fill=white,inner sep=3pt]{}
to[bend left] coordinate[midway] (x1) ++ (50:1.5)node[circle,draw,fill=white,inner sep=3pt]{};
\draw[very thick] (5,3) node[circle,draw,fill=white,inner sep=3pt]{}
to coordinate[midway] (x2) ++ (120:1.5)node[circle,draw,fill=white,inner sep=3pt]{};
\foreach \X in {1,2}
{\path (c\X) -- (x\X) coordinate[pos=0.1] (y\X) coordinate[pos=0.7] (z\X); 
\draw[->] (y\X) -- (z\X);}

enter image description here

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