I'm trying to show a url with a long parameter list, and I'd like to prioritize some breakpoints over others, eg:


My problem here is that seqsplit is often choosing to break in the middle of the integers, just as frequently as anywhere else. I understand I can prevent this by using \seqsplit{[{100},{200},{300}...]} but for a long list, grouping manually becomes quite cumbersome.

Ideally, I could say something like:

\seqsplit[\& ,]{...}

To suggest that seqsplit prioritize the & and , as good breakpoints.

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I can propose a different solution:


  \tl_map_inline:nn { #2 }
    \tl_if_in:nnTF { #1 } { ##1 } { \penalty -100 } { \penalty 0 }
    \skip_horizontal:n { 0pt plus 1pt }




A slightly stretchable space is added after , and \& in order to help filling lines.

enter image description here

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