I am writing a thesis, and as long as it's a draft, I would like to keep the amount of non-content to a minimum. That said, I would like my title page to be just a heading with the name of the thesis, a short abstract and the ToC.

The ToC itself is problematic for me. Using report, the ToC does reserve a full page for itself, probably given the chapter-style heading. I have tried several packages (like minitoc, titletoc, ...) to no avail, I have tried redefining the command, but that only worked in article mode.

So I only need the contents of the ToC, without the heading (or without the heading forcing a new page), to be generated.

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Use the internal command \@starttoc{toc} to typeset the contents of the ToC. Additionally, use the notitlepage class option.








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  • Strange, I tried 'starttoc' before, but it did not work, now it works like a charm! Guess I forgot something... thanks!
    – Ondrej
    Commented Feb 26, 2012 at 18:27
  • 2
    What about the title of ToC? Do you know how to have it back?
    – GiuTeX
    Commented Sep 2, 2017 at 11:05

A trick might be to use the notitlepage option, so \maketitle will not produce a page with the data. Then we can make LaTeX into thinking that \chapter does nothing (note that this is inside an environment, where redefining a command is safe since the redefinition will disappear at the end of the environment; don't do this without enclosing the \renewcommand in a group; it certainly qualifies as a hack):




\title{A draft of my thesis}
\author{A. U. Thor}








This works because \tableofcontents does \chapter*{...} and so, redefining \chapter with two arguments to do nothing will ignore the * and the real argument. You'll get no heading for the table of contents; you can add one by


just before \tableofcontents, so that the result will be similar to the abstract's heading.

For a cleaner version one should either use \makeatletter and \makeatother to access \@starttoc (as in lockstep's) answer or patching \tableofcontents with etoolbox. Being this for a quick hack to be used only in preliminary versions, I believe that this is the simplest trick.


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