I have defined a command for the jacobian matrix, such as follows


The problem comes if I try to use it inside a tikzcd arrow, probably because of problems with interepreting the brackets. I want to write something like this:

    \mathbb{R}^{2} \arrow[r,"\Jacobian[p]{f}"] &

And have an output as if I had typed

    \mathbb{R}^{2} \ar[r, "\operatorname{J}_{p}{f}"] &

But if I try this, compilation fails with

ERROR: Argument of \tikz@quote@@parser has an extra }.

--- TeX said ---
<inserted text> 
l.152     \end{tikzcd}

--- HELP ---
From the .log file...

I've run across a `}' that doesn't seem to match anything.
For example, `\def\a#1{...}' and `\a}' would produce
this error. If you simply proceed now, the `\par' that
I've just inserted will cause me to report a runaway
argument that might be the root of the problem. But if
your `}' was spurious, just type `2' and it will go away.

I tried putting braces in some reasonable places without success.


You have to enclose the whole command in braces inside the quotes.

    \mathbb{R}^{2} \arrow[r,"{\Jacobian[p]{f}}"] &
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