I have defined a submol for TEDA so that it can be inserted via !{TEDA} into a parent structure (Hexamethylbenzene).


This works perfectly fine as long as I do it once, but leads to undesired bonds with a vertex when I insert more than one.

  1. TEDA : \chemfig[][scale=.5]{!{TEDA}}
  2. TEDA+Parent : \chemfig[][scale=.5]{*6((-!{TEDA})-(-)=(-)-(-)=(-)-(-)=)}
  3. 2*TEDA+Parent : \chemfig[][scale=.5]{*6((-!{TEDA})-(-)=(-!{TEDA})-(-)=(-)-(-)=)}

I already know that this must be caused by my TEDA definition, which contains hooks "?", which end up connecting among themselves, if I add more than one TEDA unit.

Is there a way to specify unique hooks for a single !{TEDA} instance? Do I need to tackle the problem in a different way entirely?

The various results of 1., 2. and 3.

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    Welcome to TeX.SE! May I suggest to change the title? I can't see how "overleaf" is important here, you may just scare away some of those who could answer this question. More importantly, could you provide us with a minimal compilable document that starts with \documentclass, ends with \end{document} and illustrates the issue? – user121799 Nov 7 '18 at 15:09

From v1.33, you can define submols with argument:


enter image description here

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