I am using a scheme like:

\section{<section name>}
\begin{block}{\thesection.  \secname}
% content placed here

to achieve panels on a beamer poster. I would also ideally use


in the preamble or otherwise, so that when the poster is opened in a .pdf viewer which supports bookmarks, one could navigate to the panel / section / block of interest.

I suspect that this functionality is working fine, however, I'm realizing that the bookmark functionality may be restricted to page. Naturally, since all of the content on a poster is on the same page, then selecting different bookmarks in the .pdf viewer will have no observable effect on the document view.

The functionality that I think would be useful is to `zoom to area occupied by content'. Despite the fact that all content is on the same page, selecting a bookmark would adjust the view, zooming in to encompass the page space occupied by the section associated with the bookmark selected.

Any comments on whether this functionality is supported?

Please see the mwe below:

\documentclass[final,professionalfonts]{beamer} % options are 12pt, 14pt, 17pt, 20pt

% declare mode and theme

% define title
\title[]{Poster title}

% define authors

% define affiliations

% date

% define the conference / venue
\def\theconference{Presented at}

% authors email address
\def\theemailaddress{[email protected]}

% authors url address

% figures and tables

% define lengths



% create a double column width




\begin{column}[t]{\MyColWd} % 1
% Abstract
% Background
\begin{block}{\thesection.  \secname}
\end{column} % 1

\begin{column}[t]{\MyColWddouble}   % 2
% body section
\section{Body Section}
\begin{block}{\thesection.  \secname}
% body section
\section{Body Section}
\begin{block}{\thesection.  \secname}
\end{column} %  2

\begin{column}[t]{\MyColWddouble}   % 3
% body section
\section{Body Section}
\begin{block}{\thesection.  \secname}
\end{column} % 3
\end{columns} % end poster columns

\end{frame} % end poster

  • Have a look at the bookmark package. It can do all kind of crazy stuff, like specifying the view (as long as the pdfviewer supports it) Nov 7, 2018 at 21:53
  • Can you add a test document so that we have something to start with? Nov 7, 2018 at 22:07
  • Certainly can @samcarter, thanks for your interest.
    – John Chris
    Nov 8, 2018 at 3:19
  • 1
    I was hoping that something like \bookmark[dest=LastSection,view={XYZ \calc{.5\paperwidth} \calc{.5\paperheight} 0.5}]{test} would set the zoom to 50%, but unfortunately it does not seem to work Nov 9, 2018 at 16:46
  • 1
    I have looked into the bookmark package and tried a few things with no immediate success. Opening up for bounty to attract input from a user who may have more experience with the bookmark package and it's application to beamer and beamerposter.
    – John Chris
    Nov 13, 2018 at 18:50

1 Answer 1


This could give you a start


\cs_new:Npn\posinbp #1 {\dim_to_decimal_in_unit:nn{\int_eval:n{#1}sp}{1bp}}


\leavevmode\zsavepos{sec1}\textcolor{red}{SEC 1}


% +655360 is to move the y coordinate up by 10pt
 view=XYZ \posinbp{\zposx{sec1}} \posinbp{\zposy{sec1}+655360}  3]{SEC 1}

 view=XYZ \posinbp{\zposx{sec2}} \posinbp{\zposy{sec2}+655360}  3]{SEC 2}


In the adobe reader (in sumatra it doesn't work) I then get this initial view

enter image description here

And this if I click on the SEC2 bookmark:

enter image description here

An alternative view could be the page /FitR left bottom right top setting. For this use two labels, one at the top left, and one at the bottom right.

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