I'm trying to set header with Chapter title on the right and Section title on the left (with appropriate numbers in front of them). Also, I need to use short titles for header and long titles for ToC.

I am using single side document KOMA-Script Book with scrlayer-scrpage.

Please help...


Set option autoneside=false for package scrlayer-scrpage if you want to use both chapter and section titles in a onesided document.

Set class option headings=optiontohead if the optional argument of sectioning commands should be used for the page header and not for ToC by default.




\usepackage{lipsum}% only for dummy text
\chapter[Short chapter title]{Long chapter title for document and TOC}
\section[Short section title]{Long section title for document and TOC}
\chapter{A chapter}
\section{A section}

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enter image description here

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