I'm trying to make a document that has different kinds of endnote -- one Roman numerals, the other Arabic numerals. I found a solution to a similar request but with footnotes instead of endnotes using the manyfoot package. But I'm having trouble getting manyfoot to play nice with the endnotes package.





This is a sentence.\footnote{This kind of endnote I want to be the usual 
arabic numerals.} This is another sentence.\footnoteB{This kind of endnote I 
 want to be roman numerals.} But you'll see after `Notes' below everything is 
a Roman numeral.


I wanted to do exactly the same, and I came up with a solution. It's not the tidiest, as it involves two different packages for endnotes, but it does the work while causing no trouble that I know of.


\setenotez{list-name={Enotez Name},reset=true,backref=true,list-heading=\section*{#1}}
\renewcommand*{\notedivision}{\section*{Pagenote Name}}
\renewcommand{\notenumintext}[1]{\textsuperscript{#1} }
\renewcommand{\notenuminnotes}[1]{\textsuperscript{#1} }
\chapter{First chapter}

This is a Pagenote.\pagenote{Note with Pagenote.} This is an Enotez.\endnote{End note with Enotez.} 
This is another Pagenote.\pagenote{Second Pagenote.} This is another Enotez.\endnote{Second Enotez.}


enter image description here

Just remember to place \printendnotes and \printnotes* (with the asterisk!) at the end of the chapter (or section, etc.)

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