I want to build a list of symbols using the glossaries-extra package but I am getting error saying "Error: Could not start the command: "makeglossaries.exe although I have specified the correct path for makeglossaries.exe file in miktex.



%\printunsrtglossary[type=symbols,style=long,title={List of Symbols}]
\printglossary[type=symbols,style=long,title={List of Symbols}]

\chapter{sample symbols}


\glsxtrnewsymbol[description={Lower case, boldface and italic letter represents a vector}]{a}{\ensuremath{a}}

I have installed ActivePerl already and it is added to %PATH%. I have also entered the complete path to makeglossaries.exe in the MikTex installation.

  • Since you've used the automake package option, you shouldn't need to run makeglossaries. – Nicola Talbot Nov 8 '18 at 20:24
  • I am getting error that This document is incomplete. The external file associated with the glossary 'symbol' which should be called "thesis".sls) hasn't been created. – Salman Khan Nov 9 '18 at 2:42
  • for some odd reasons, when I reset the TeXstudio to its default settings and re-enter the complete paths for latex.exe etc, it solved the problem. – Salman Khan Nov 9 '18 at 3:00
  • I think the problem was with default compiler as when I checked previously it had some additinal value other than pdflatex. Changing it back to its default value i.e. pdflatex solved the problem, I guess. May be useful for someone else. – Salman Khan Nov 9 '18 at 3:10
  • Since you're using TeXstudio, perhaps this information may help. – Nicola Talbot Nov 9 '18 at 13:02

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