I am getting this error in LaTeX while using the outline package.

line 7 Undefined control sequence. \item line 7: Something's wrong--perhaps a missing \item. \item line 7: Something's wrong--perhaps a missing \item. \item line 7: Lonely \item--perhaps a missing list environment. \item

Here is the original code.

% [outline] includes new outline environment. I. A. 1. a. (1) (a) % use \begin{outline} \item ... \end{outline} 
\item {\bf Introduction}
\item {\bf Applications} \\ Motivation for research and applications related to the subject. 
\item {\bf Organization} \\ Explain organization of the report, what is included, and what is not. 
\item {\bf Literature Survey } 
\item {\bf Experimental Work }
\\ Literature describing experiments with something in common with my experiment. My experiment is subdivided into section relating to each aspect of the whole. 
\item {\bf Drop Delivery } 
\\ Literature relating to the production of droplets. 
\item {\bf Continuous } \\ Continuous drop production methods, i.e. jet methods. 
\item {\bf Drop on Demand } \\ Drop on demand methods, i.e. ink jet devices. Produce drops whenever needed, simplifies control of frequency. 
\item {\bf Flexibility } \\ Best methods in terms of flexible velocities, volumes, and frequencies. 
\item {\bf Control Circuitry } \\ Circuitry necessary to control the drops, may include 
control of generation, size, and frequency. Divertors and drop chargers.
\item {\bf Extensibility } \\ Methods extensible to 2D applications. \item {\bf Recirculation } \\ 
Recirculation techniques, pump, none, capillary. 
\end{outline} \item {\bf Instrumentation } \\ 
Literature dealing with measurement of various parameters. 
\begin{outline} \item {\bf Temperature } \begin{outline} 
\item {\bf Heater Surface } \item {\bf Fluid Temperature } \item {\bf Heat Flux } \item {\bf Heat Transfer Coefficient } 
\end{outline} \item {\bf Drop Characteristics } \begin{outline} 
\item {\bf Size } \item {\bf Velocity } \item {\bf Frequency } 
\end{outline} \end{outline} \item {\bf Heating Element } \\ 
Literature dealing with the heating element. Material properties, surface properties, heat sources. 
\begin{outline} \item {\bf Material } \item {\bf Heat Source } 
\end{outline} \end{outline} \item {\bf Analytical Work } \begin{outline} 
\item {\bf Evaporation } \item {\bf Boiling } \item {\bf Leidenfrost Temperatures } \item {\bf Heat Transfer } \item {\bf Numerical Analysis } \begin{outline} 
\item {\bf Drop Characteristics } \item {\bf Surface Wetting } \item {\bf Transient Temperatures } 
\end{outline} \end{outline} \item {\bf Proposed Research } \begin{outline} 
\item {\bf Experimental Work } \item {\bf Analytical Work } \end{outline} \end{outline} 

Whats interesting is that it compiled fine on Overleaf. I have double checked that I have all the necessary packages through the package manager.

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  • 1
    It typesets on my laptop. – zyy Nov 9 '18 at 3:35
  • Oh thats weird. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I am on MikTex 2.9 with Tex Studio and its compiling other documents fine. – ssj Nov 9 '18 at 3:51
  • 1
    What typeset engine did you use? I used XeLaTeX. – zyy Nov 9 '18 at 4:10
  • 2
    On my TeXLive 2018 both xelatex and pdflatex run through without errors. – marmot Nov 9 '18 at 4:46
  • 2
    Could you check the .log file for the outline package version that is included? There seem to be two versions of outline.sty packaged with MiKTeX, one from the outline and one from the fundus-outline package. If I try to build your example on MiKTeX, it tries to install the latter version which is the wrong one. This package doesn't seem to be included in TeX Live, so the error doesn't occur there. – siracusa Nov 9 '18 at 5:30

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