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Can anyone draw this graph in LaTeX using the TikZ package?


Welcome to TeX.SE! Yes, many users here can draw such diagrams. Notice, however, that the purpose of this site is to exchange codes and not let others draw diagrams for you. Anyway, as you are new here, here's a start.

\draw (-3,0) -- (4,0);
\draw (0,-3) -- (0,4);
\draw (0,0) -- (15:3) node[right]{$z_1$}-- ++(75:3) node[above right]{$z_1+z_2$};
\draw (0,0) -- (75:3) node[above]{$z_2$};

enter image description here


You can use TikZ calc library (see p 142 of the manual 3.0.1a) which allows you to make calculations on the points considered as vectors of origin (0,0);

For example, here, the affix point z3 is the sum of z1 and z2:

\coordinate (z3) at ($(z1)+(z2)$);


\begin{tikzpicture}[>=Straight Barb]
\draw[->] (-3,0) -- (4,0);
\draw[->] (0,-3) -- (0,4);
\coordinate(O)at (0,0);
\coordinate[label=below right:$z_1$](z1)at (3,1);
\coordinate[label=left:$z_2$](z2)at (1,3);
\coordinate (z3) at ($(z1)+(z2)$);
\draw (O)--(z1);
\draw (O)--(z2);
\draw(z1)--(z3)node[above right]{$z_1+z_2$};

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