I have a list of conditions I want to reference, so I use

   \item \label{foo} ...
   \item \label{bar} ...
We reference the condition \ref{foo}.

This way the conditions are numbered 1, 2, 3… But what if I want a custom “numbering” reflecting some relation between the conditions like 1, 1', 2, 3, …? If I write

   \item \label{foo} ...
   \item[1'] \label{bar} ...

the referencing does not work, the value 1' is not associated with the label bar.


There is no way to associate a label to an \item[] since the relevant counter (enumi in this case) is not used at all -- \item[] is explicitly meant for using a different item label which is perhaps not generated by an enumeration. It could be a letter, another symbol or -- with some effort -- even graphics.

Redefinining \item is possible, but tedious.

The crossreftools package provides \crtcrossreflabel{displayed label value}[labelname] which can be inserted for this.

Please note that \item[{\crtcrossreflabel{1'}[bar]}] must be used, since an optional argument (the one from \crtcrossreflabel) appears in another optional argument (the one from \item).




See \ref{bar}

   \item \label{foo} ...
   \item[{\crtcrossreflabel{1'}[bar]}]  ...


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