I want to use the allrunes package to import a certain unicode character from the runic set.

I'm using lettrine with a custom \LettrineFontHook to set it to a custom color:



\definecolor{DropCapViolet} {HTML} {9090C0}
% \usepackage{allrunes}




Unfortunately, if I uncomment the \usepackage{allrunes} entry, I'm getting the following error:

Argument of \@tempc has an extra }.
<inserted text> 
l.12 \lettrine[lhang=0.17]{H}{ello}

Is there a way of fixing this problem?


(adding my own answer, since I managed to work around it!)

I googled those two things together (the error + "allrunes"), and I found this single forum post (in Italian!) with a similar issue.

One of the replies suggested adding the following:

\letcs\xmdseries{mdseries }
\cslet{mdseries }\xmdseries 

After adding, and changing \mdseries to \xmdseries inside my \LettrineFontHook command, the error went away and everything built successfully!

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