I have a Tikz plot which looks (roughly) as follows:


        title={My plot},
        xlabel=X label,
        ylabel=Y label,
        ticklabel style={font=\tiny},
        xticklabels={$x_1$ (test 1),$x_2$ (test 1),$x_3$ (test 1),$x_4$ (test 1)},
        xticklabel style={text width=0.9cm},
        \addplot coordinates {((1,1)(2,1)(3,3)(4,3)(5,3)(6,3)(7,3)(8,3)(9,3)(10,3)(11,5)(12,3)(13,3)(14,3)(15,3)(16,3)(17,3)(18,3)(19,3)(20,3)(21,3)(22,3)(23,3)(24,3)(25,3)(26,3)(27,3)(28,3)(29,3)(30,3)(31,3)(32,3)(33,2)(34,2)};
        \legend{$My legend$};


resulting in the following plot: enter image description here

My question is now how I would go about creating a plot with proper xticks label spacing such that my xticks labels don't overlap.

Thank you very much for your help.


assuming that you do not want to change the x spacing, I would suggest using the rotate keyword to write the xlabels vertically:

xticklabel style={rotate=70, anchor=east},

which results in

enter image description here

  • Thank you. That does the trick. :-) – Hagbard Nov 14 '18 at 12:23

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