Is there anyone around who knows why bibtex4word doesn't know all the citation styles that work in TeXworks (in my case nejm)? I have to use it (sorry) and can't solve it. IEEEtran for example works fine, nejm or numeric results in "Bibtex was unable to find style file: numeric" (or "nejm")


The bibtex4word program uses standard bibtex to process the bibliography and standard .bst files to format it. It is not set up to work with biblatex, which does not use .bst files for formatting, and generally needs biber not bibtex for sorting. As a result any style created for use with biblatex will not be able to be used with bibtex4word.

The nejm style is a biblatex style, as is the numeric style, and so these cannot be used with bibtex4word. There are many numeric standard .bst files around, so you may find one that meets your requirements, but it may not match the NEJM style exactly.

See the following question for more details on the difference between the different bibliography formatting methods.

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